Fire element: How to harness power, passion and creativity into your life

The 5 elements earth, water, fire, air and ether are manifested around us in nature but also inside us within our body but also in our personalities. Also, according to Asian traditions, we are all unique mixtures of these 5 elements.


Gérard Uféras, “Un pas vers les étoiles”


During our last blog we discussed how to incorporate art into interior design. Art tells a story and sets the tone to your environment. Art is after all a visual representation of an idea, a memory, an energy, a personality or an emotion. The more powerful the representation is, the more powerful the story is.

When you like a piece, do you know why you like it?  You may like it for its color, its shape, its representation or because you like the personality of the artist. The more you know what triggers the feeling in you, the more you will enjoy it for time to come.

Today I would like to discuss about the Fire element and how it manifests in our personalities and therefore in our environment and choice for the art and the story we want to tell, or the power we want to harness and to give to our life.

Benjamin Deroche, Fine Art Photography Limited edition to 6


Anthropologists believe that the evolution of modern society can be traced back to our primitive ancestors harnessing the power of fire. Fire gave them a weapon, allowed them to rest without fear, light in the darkness, improved diet and digestion, among other benefits.

A flame can both sooth and burn; protect and destroy. It is present in most celebrations; we blow candles for birthdays! It has presence yet it cannot be quantified, it can multiply without losing its original strength.

Fire as an element is one of the most unpredictable: from terrible forest fires to volcanic eruptions and lava flows that destroy in seconds. Yet it is also fire that has allowed us to create amazing tools that has enriched our lives.

Whether through the use of color or imagery, as direct examples or symbols, fire will always be an element that represents freedom, power, instinct, sun, heat and warmth, passion, action.

In the world of art, fire both as a metaphor and a tool has been extensively explored. Within our portfolio of artists I have selected a few different art pieces that encapsulate this energy of fire.



With photographer Gérard Uféras, fire is represented by the passion for dance, movement and action! We use the expression “burning for something” or “fire-up” to represent an energetic and enthusiastic state, eager to do things with passion and wanting to act. Also “Baptism of fire” represents a new and challenging experience you have to deal with.

Photographies of Gérard Uféras embody this drive that artists have for their passion, totally involved and inhabited by their sport or art. Just like Gérard Uféras is.

Gerard Uferas, Fine Art Photography Bolshoi
Interior design by Peggy Bells
Gérard Uféras, Un Phantome a l’Opera, Fine art photography



Reptiles are often used to symbolize fire in indigenous cultures. Many people don’t like serpents but snakes and other reptiles that can’t regulate their body temperature, love warmth and can teach us to move with confidence and enthusiasm through life and wait for the perfect time.

Stuart Redler, Photography, 5 sizes “3 Boa”


Stuart Redler Photography “Crocs”
Stuart Redler Photography “Gecko”



Lion is the symbol of sun and gold. Feminine in essence, it gives birth to the new day, nourishes and warms up life. The presence of the lion helps  to realize our power, intuition and creativity.


Thierry Bisch, Painting, Panthera Leo, 200×160 cm , serie “Delete?”



Photographer, Benjamin Deroche has created stark, almost fierce compositions that pay homage to the beauty of fire as LIGHT. The juxtaposition of such a dynamic sight against a more tranquil background typically highlight the force of fire.

The sun and the water give life; fire purifies, comforts, stimulates, invigorates and transforms that life into light and love.


Benjamin Deroche, Photography series “Margueritte Duras North Places”, edition 4
Benjamin Deroche, Photography “Conversation with Nature”  limited to 6
Adrien Boyer, Fine Art Photography, Paris, limited edition