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Look At The Sky


Benjamin Deroche is one of the top talent and guest artist represented during the exhibition “NUAGES”, held in Singapore 10-25 Septembre.

The artist has a singular writing: he uses the photographic medium to create poetic windows, to weave threads between the visible and the invisible, between nature and that which is superior to it. He talks to the metaphysical part, present within each of us, that is activated when we experience the landscape. What counts for the artist is the infinite capacity of space. To the question “what is it?” he answers “what do you see?”.

At the time of climate change and dematerialization, skies and clouds are more than ever a source of inspiration for the artists.

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The photographic installation project of “memorize”, or paper structures, is a ritual for Deroche: he always works in the same way with a spiritual aim. It is the link between the art sculpture and the landscape that will form this magic: the wildness of the space and the artificial character of the sculpture (therefore the human intervention). “These are not installations but arrangements with nature because nothing is damaged and because the sculpture then disappears. The goal is to produce an isolation of the viewer in the artwork” says Benjamin.


Benjamin Deroche, portrait, Intimate Interview



The purpose of his work is to lead the viewer to be aware of the stimuli that envelop us because they are all around us.
“I have to reduce the presence of things, objects in my compositions. My approach is based on sensitivity and intuition in front of a space but also on the ability to restrict normal feelings. The mystery will arise from not indexing what we see to a cultural reference. The magic happens there.”

Benjamin Deroche Land Art Photography limited edition to 6


We see the power of these landscapes when we realise that they belong to everyone…we all have our own landscape, our own realities and memories.  They come and go like the clouds. The sky tells a story, this of our unconscious revealed to us as we observe it and we allow it to take us for a fly.

One of the picture of Benjamin was in my office for a few weeks before it moved to a new client. Head in the clouds literally! Like a song or an enchanting poem, the presence of his work in front of me everyday was pulsating my creativity, allowing an openness of the possibilities I could not trigger so dynamically before. The softness of the landscape was comforting my sense of belonging and empowering actions to materialize ideals and ideas.
“That’s how we recognize a great photograph”, says Francoise Paviot about Deroche ” it imposes itself, it gives pleasure, it keep talkative”.



The photographic process of Deroche is inspired by Land Art. His photographs speak like words as literature triggers his creative process, opening doors to new landscapes, sculpted. He sculpts the sky and sculpts the earth. “I want to draw a parallel with walking, which allows two things: contemplation and meditation. These are two essential elements for me, and which will promote my ability to create. We enter in contemplation in front of an artwork that we like and, if it resists us, we enter into meditation” Deroche says about the memorize seriesDiscover how Benjamin Deroche works



Benjamin Deroche will be in Artist Residency in October in Saint Pierre et Miquelon to continue creating the Surnature series.

Stay tuned, we are planning a live Instagram with Benjamin Deroche within the next 2 weeks, you will be able to ask him all your questions!




Exhibition “NUAGES” is a reunion of 11 international artists of our time. Curated by Marina Oechsner de Coninck.
When: 10- 25 september 2022
Where: 63 SPOTTS ART GALLERY: 63 Spottiswoode Park Road, Singapore 088651 (Gallery opens Thursdays to Sundays 10am – 7pm)

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