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How to incorporate art in interior design

When bringing art into any space, remember that all art forms not only carry a strong element of composition and balance, but add life, intrigue and story as well. With art, you instantly set the tone of your interior, boost the atmosphere and create a stunning effect. A statement piece strategically positioned can elevate the simplest décor to new heights. 

I like to use the expression “art your life”. It is this extra but unmissable pinch of salt, pepper and spice that makes all the difference to your design palate. Nevertheless, art can either make the space or break it! So how do you choose the perfect artwork and where do you place it?

Here are a few tips to help you thoughtfully curate art in your interior design:

· Choose your story

Do you prefer humour or satire? Something dramatic or disturbing? Perhaps art that is elegant and timeless, combined with a modern contemporary feel is more your style? Are you willing to combine different genres to create your unique vision? 

Be daring but don’t turn your home into an intimidating art gallery. It should be an intimate space, where you feel comfortable, and can shed the many layers we assume in our working life. A place that echoes the sentiment, “home is where the heart is”, one that reflects your personality and your tastes. 

Any artwork you choose should stimulate and soothe. Stimulate, so that it can be an ice breaker, a conversation piece. Sooth, so it can aid contemplation or even meditation. The right piece can serve as a reflection of your emotions, or thoughts at any time. It can inspire and calm. 

· Go for magic

“Art is like design,” says designer Isabelle Miaja. “It provokes thought and inspires so the result is enriching and generous’.

Choose a piece that has timeless appeal. Every time you look at it, you see something magical. 

(Lenticular Photography by Cecile Plaisance “Fuck the Rules – Adam and Eve” 2018)

· Balance the color palette

Balance and harmony – 2 key words to create a sophisticated simplicity that is perfection – “the French touch”.

If the color palette of your space is monochromatic or consists of complementary tones, then stay with the color scheme, and choose a piece that harmonizes. 

However, if you have chosen to go with a binary color palette, such as black and white, you may wish to dramatize, accent, or uplift the décor by adding extra color.

A beautiful black and white art piece is often a secure and elegant choice to enhance any interior. It complements wood finishings exceptionally well. 

The key is to choose a piece of art that fits in with the decorating style that you’ve already chosen for the room. Or the other way round!

(Photography by Stuart Redler size D ed.25)

· Create a focal point of attention

Choosing an art piece with a focal point will direct attention to it. It could be, for example, a black and white photograph, a close-up, a massive piece, a new color or an unexpectedly attractive or startling subject.

(Edition photography Benjamin Deroche – Conversation with Nature, 80x120cm)

· Select the proper size

A small painting on a big wall can look drab while a big piece in a small space may look cramped. Finding the right proportion is key.

To achieve the optimum effect, try to hang it so the middle part of the art piece is at eye level, usually 1.60m from the floor.

(Original painting by Nicolas Lefeuvre “Kimono”, 2013)   

· Aim for 2 or 3

Grouping artwork is a beautiful way to make a big impact in a room. Go for diptych or triptych or even corresponding artworks from the same artist.

(Limited edition-30, photography by Christophe Jacrot, “Cotton” and “You and me”, 60 x 90 cm)  

· Play symmetry and proportion 

Hang a large-scale piece of artwork directly above your console or your bed. It’s an excellent approach to inject personality and harmony into your space!

(Painting by Thierry Bisch “Panthera-Pardus-Melas”, 180 x 150 cm – 2018)

Bear in mind that with interior design, nothing is permanent! Over the years, with new acquisitions, you can reconfigure the space and rearrange your furnishings to breathe new life into your living space, always keeping in mind a sophisticated simplicity.

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