Interview with
Nicolas Lefeuvre

1. What were your most beautiful exhibitions (list 1 to 3)?

“The state I am in”, in Tokyo in 2012. It was my first solo show, it feels like a dream when I remember it, as if it was not real.

2. What are you passionate about?
I have a passion for watching, observing (life and things), and imagining background music on these scenes. I also love unbalanced balance in art and music.
3. If you were at the airport facing the departure board, where would you like to go?
I would go back to Iceland.
4. Where can we have a chance to meet you?

On the dunes of Costa da Caparica, south Lisbon.

5. What was the price of the first artwork you sold?
50 French francs: a horrible still-life painting with fruits.
6. What are the flaws you prefer in others? And in yourself?
Shyness I think…is it a flaw?
7. A fictional hero you like? And in real life, a mentor maybe?

In real life: my wife and Pierre Soulages.

8. Your favorite clothes?
A pair of jeans and a white T-shirt.
9. A cause you feel strongly about?

Kids’ education: I am currently organising a mission in a Syrian refugee camp at the border of Jordan and Syria, to teach children how to draw…(supported by Caran d’Ache)

11. An advice or a sentence that struck you?

Yes, a small quote from my father: “ le bonheur est simple” (happiness is about simplicity). He told me this when I was 12, I am using it as a mojo.

12. A habit or an obsession?
Everything in its right place.
13. A movie, a book or music you love?
A film: The Tree of Life (Terrence Malick), a book: In Praise of Shadows (Junichiro Tanizaki), music I love: Stabat Mater (Pergolesi).
14. A regret? A dream?
A regret: not yet… But I have 2 dreams I am thinking about now: to be eternally amazed, and create a fragrance.
15. A few words about the new series you have been working on?
“Self Archeology”. It is the most personal work I have ever done. It was difficult to process but it makes me so happy.
16. What makes you laugh?
…funny things.
17. A few words about your new series Women Wednesday
It is my most graphic series, based on a critique of the world moving so fast. The series makes a mockery of fast-food images and the fact we keep scrolling down images continuously without even taking the time to look at them. Criticizing social networks, I admit however using it and playing with it! Every Wednesday for a while, I scrolled down his Instagram looking for details about women, details about fashion, details that question us. I choose this unique detail. I crop, I change the scale, to then create oversized dresses with tiny stamps. Bringing a floating, paused, right in the eye effect. A « fashion » series in link with my first career as an artistic director in the famous Maison Chanel. Women Wednesday is a series of 5 unique pieces, 2019 – 70×100 cm