Interview with Hélène Averous

1. What are you passionate about?


2. If you were at the airport facing the departure board, where would you like to go?

Wherever a good friend lives.

3. Where can we have a chance to meet you?

Près de chez moi, au marché, dans les ateliers de mes amis ou en forêt.

Near my home, at the market, at my friends workshops or in the forest.

4. What was the price of the first artwork you sold?

50 euros.

5. What are the flaws you prefer in others? And in yourself?

J’aime l’imperfection des autres. Ma sensibilité.

I love the imperfections in others. My sensitivity.

6. A fictional hero you like? And in real life, a mentor maybe?

Difficile de répondre pour le personnage de fiction parce que ce qui me fascine, ce sont toutes les personnes bien vivantes que je croise au quotidien. J’adore que chacun soit un mystère à découvrir. Tous ceux qui m’inspirent sont mes mentors.

Difficult to reply for the fiction hero as I find fascinating mostly every living person I meet in my daily life and not fiction characters. Everyone who inspires me is my mentor. 

7. A cause you feel strongly about?

Incarner son être le plus profond au quotidien. 

Living as one’s own deepest self.

8. An advice or a sentence that struck you?

Sois bienveillant envers toi-même. Be compassionate with yourself

9. A movie, a book or music you love?

Film : The Mission – Roland Joffé

Livre : La passagère du Silence de Fabienne Verdier.

Musique : The sound of Silence Simon and Garfunkel

10. What makes you laugh?

Le rire d’un autre, observer la nature jouer.
The laughter of someone, observing nature