Interview with
Christophe Jacrot

1. Where can we have a chance to meet you?
You would usually see me in Canada, in New York and elsewhere in the USA. Also, in Italian Tyrol, Switzerland, Hokkaido, and of course in France where I live most of the time, with my wife, in la Drôme. It is very beautiful, we moved there 2 years ago after I spent my whole life in Paris. I have never spent so many months in the same place. It feels a bit oppressive for me. So now I travel within France and I have spotted a lot of interesting places to shoot. Sweden is the only country in the world with winter with no confinement. So I might go there! They are against the tide from the rest of the world. Let’s see if I can find some inspiration in Laponie (Lapland).

2. How do you take care of yourself?

I do sport, core and abs at home to maintain my physique. Carrying a camera for long hours can be a strain on the back and shoulders. I also like to walk 4 to 5 hours in the mountains, stay as a refugee. These places are magical. We live 4km from the nearest small town; I like to go there walking and return easily, 3 times a week. And of course, going in silence to discover things with my camera is energy-boosting for me. It is my meditation. I miss that a lot in this Covid-19 time.
3. What was the price of the first artwork you sold?
Haha, It was 300 euros, my first photo from the series “Paris Under the Rain”. 6 months later, I was selling at 1300 euros at my first exhibition and we sold 35 over the weekend.
4. An ideal food menu?
Homemade Japanese Ramen! Do you cook? My wife cooks beautifully!
5. A cause you feel strongly about?
Our Earth! We eat locally at 90%. I don’t buy anything, except when I swim for 1 hour without noticing that my iPhone is in my pocket!!
6. An advice or a sentence that struck you?
“It’s good to follow one’s slope, as long as it is an ascending one.” – André Gide. Is that what you say to your daughter? Haha not yet, but I see her tomorrow, and I will tell her. She is very creative, she is in high school. I push her to find her own way and go for her passion. I was not the most present father, but I am not far in case of a problem.
7. What is your next step?
I want to organise an exhibition in Arles soon.