Interview with
Philippe Calandre

1. What were your most beautiful exhibitions (list 1 to 3)?
Amongst my most beautiful exhibitions is my very first one in 1994, with Zabriskie Gallery. A series of photographs about night and architecture. Another, Isola Nova in 2013, at the Wilmotte Foundation, Venetian architecture.
2. What are you passionate about?

Photography, architecture, nature.

3. If you were at the airport facing the departure board, where would you like to go?

Country of Utopia.

4. Where can we have a chance to meet you?

In my studio most of the time!

5. What was the price of the first artwork you sold?

I have no memory of that!

6.What are the flaws you prefer in others? And in yourself?

Doubt for others, and perseverance in me.

7. An ideal food menu?

Italian food!

8. A fictional hero you like? And in real life, a mentor maybe?

Fictional hero: Corto Maltese. A mentor: Edward Hopper
9. Your favorite clothes?

Linen clothes and havaianas!

10. A cause you feel strongly about?

Climate, equality between men and women.

11. An advice or a sentence that struck you?

“Good things come to those who wait.”

13. A movie, a book or a music you love?

Blow-up by Michelangelo Antonioni.

14. A regret? A dream?

I have no regret.

15. A few words about the new serie you have been working on?

My new series is about Paris and its surroundings.

16. What makes you laugh?

People taking themselves too seriously.